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Custom Legal English Programs 

For law firms, law schools and legal associations, we offer custom Legal English Intensive programs.


Each course is tailored to your specific area of practice and experience,

with a focus on elements of language you and your team want to improve.


Custom programs include 15-40 hours of instruction and materials. With the option to add special lessons tailored to your group, all courses incorporate the following units:


  • Legal Vocabulary

  • Legal Writing: Case Briefs, Memos, Facta/Pleadings, Contracts, Client Letters & Professional Correspondence, Academic Legal Writing 

  • Objective vs Persuasive English: What's the difference?

  • English for Client Communication  

    • Giving advice: Conditional and Future Tense in Legal Context

    • Speaking for Client Interviews

    • Legal Advice vs Legal Info

  • Legal CVs and Interview Practice in English

  • Oral Advocacy


Why is a Grammatika custom course the best option?

No Travel Time

Courses taught entirely online (and hopefully again soon we can offer the option to teach on-site at your offices). 

Cost Effective

We create a course that suits your budget and needs


Each custom course is tailored to your specific group, their level of English, and the most common practice area of the group. This course is completely your own, taught by a team of experienced professionals.