Specialized Workshops 

Grammatika International offers specialized 3-4 hour workshops for students who want to perfect their English for use in a practical business or legal setting. To participate, students should have at least an intermediate level (B2) in English.

Grammar for Legal Writing


Designed for paralegals, lawyers and law students looking to review important grammar rules to improve their legal writing. A general introduction to the style of legal English.


  • Vocabulary: Common transitions to help your writing flow

  • Structure Review: Academic Legal Writing, Case Briefs, Memos, 

  • Grammar: Conjunctions, Prepositions, Modifiers and Punctuation​






Objective vs Persuasive Language for Legal Writing


Designed for legal professionals looking to improve their writing and understand the subtle differences between persuasive vs objective English.

  • Legal Vocabulary

  • Structure for persuasive writing

  • Grammar: Passive Voice, Participle Clauses - How grammar can help make your point

  • Style: Adverbs, Compare & Contrast 

  • Speaking: Hot Topic Debate





English for Job Hunting in Law

For anyone on the job hunt in the legal world, this workshop looks at the vocabulary, grammar and structure of an ideal legal CV and how to ace an interview in English

  • Structure: Legal CVs & Cover Letters

  • Style: Action Words, Persuasive Sentences and Precise Language

  • Speaking: Job Interviews 





Client Communication: Advice & Conditional Tense


  • Legal Vocabulary

  • Structure: Client letters

  • Grammar: Verb tenses for advice (should, must, would, may, can, will), Question Tags, Conditional Tense

  • Speaking: Client Interviews, Summary Legal Advice







Oral Advocacy in English

Designed for legal professionals but useful for anyone who needs practice in their oral advocacy skills, this workshop focuses on increasing fluency and confidence in spoken English, as well as key vocabulary and sentence structure to create strong oral arguments.




Workshops require a minimum registration of 6 students. Dates are subject to change.  For more information, please email us. 

Workshops tailored to specific groups are available upon request.

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